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Monday, August 25, 2014


“Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and your mind is clear? Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?” ~ Lao Tzu

This is a question that presents a challenge because we live in a modern age where everything happens in an instant. If our computers are slow or our texts aren’t answered immediately we feel impatient. The instant the red light turns green if we don’t take off right away we get honked at. We hate to wait in line for anything. Cultivating and practicing patience takes . . . patience! Often, I’ve had to remind myself of the advice a friend gave me some years ago, that has prevented me from making snap decisions I’d regret later. Her two words are simple: “wisdom waits.” The theme of practicing patience and waiting for the right moment to act appears throughout “GOOD FORTUNE.” Here are two examples:

Page 32 - Grandfather is instructing young Tong on the virtues of patience and quiet thoughts as a way to settle his mind so he can “hear” what he must do.

“Listen for your inner voice to guide you. Trust your instinct.” As if it were yesterday, Tong remembered Grandfather’s voice instructing him when he was ten. “It may be no more than a whisper, but if your intent is pure, you will hear the voice clearly. Follow where it leads you.”

“I’ve tried, Grandfather, but I hear nothing,” Tong insisted with frustration. “What am I doing wrong?”

“If you try too hard, the noise from your thoughts will obliterate all other sounds, thus making it impossible for you to hear your heart speak.”

Pages 160-161 - Much later in the story, Tong’s son, Wu, enters his bedroom to share an intense dream where he actually sees his Great-grandfather whom he’s never met. At first this seems like the perfect opportunity for Tong to have an important discussion with his son that has been on his mind for years. With Tong’s advancing age his declining health, he feels the urgency to pass on the wisdom Grandfather taught him. Tong is bitterly disappointed when he realizes the conversation he has waited for years isn’t going to take place. Patience is his only solace.

“In that instant, Tong's hopes shattered like a crystal vase that fell to the floor and splintered into a thousand tiny shards of glass. Bitter disappointment replaced hope when he realized the conversation he had so often prayed for was not going to take place that morning. He was so close to saying the words he’d kept bottled up inside him, and they were almost out of his mouth when he was forced to swallow them. Tong knew that in order for Wu to fully comprehend what he wanted to teach him, his son would first have to have an open mind or his words would fall on deaf ears and be wasted like spilled water. Now, any further attempt to pursue this line of thought or explain that the dream foreshadowed Wu’s future would be futile. Above all else, Tong desired to teach his son what he still lacked in perception and values, but once again, he would have to be patient and wait for the right moment.”

Some reviews:

"Synchronicity, life lessons, multi-cultural, patience, acceptance and much, much more ... all woven together into a masterfully told story ... what's not to love ... I did and I think you will too."

"...one will find him-or herself reflecting upon their own life experiences. Finally, it is a pleasure to read a book with a positive and uplifting outcome. Definitely recommended!"

"Bratspis tells the story of two young men from different cultures who face challenges in their lives. An elderly Chinese man who learned ancient wisdom from his grandfather is the human instrument who influences both of these men in working toward life-changing goals."

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