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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Often on my “GOOD FORTUNE” Facebook newsfeed I come across posts that relate to things I wrote in “GOOD FORTUNE” and I share them with my followers. Today I decided to share this one on my blog. It’s about being in touch with the changing rhythms of our bodies.

Zen Heart writes: “There is a right time for each of the things you do. If you try to live counter to your personal rhythms, you will expend more time and energy to get things done. Body and soul suffer when you force yourself to wrestle against your own rhythms. Listen to your rhythms and follow them.”

Page 161 of “GOOD FORTUNE” aged Tong is speaking to his son, Wu, who is alarmed at his father’s aging. Tong attempts to reassure Wu that he’s fine:

"Life has its own rhythm that conforms to our daily existence. It changes with us as we grow and mature.
For most of my life I have worked hard, and now, I am getting ready to slow down my pace and take the needed time to rest. I have earned that right, which did not come easily. Do not deny an old man the reward he has labored toward his entire life.

Page 162 the conversation continues:
Occasionally my joints ache, but I have nothing hurting me in the way you fear. I’m slowing down, so if I work less and keep myself warm, that will be my best tonic. My biggest comforts in life now are a bowl of hot noodles and watching my grandsons tumble on the floor the way Cho and I once did when we were boys.”

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