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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


"Good Fortune" is being featured on Book of the Day!


If you are interested in synchronicity, symbols, dreams, spiritual growth, life lessons, and even romance, you will enjoy reading this novel. All my books explore current social issues and share common themes of life lessons, compassion, personal growth, and the importance of service to others based on the Buddhist teaching that suffering and compassion are linked.

Chinese wisdom secretly passes through handwritten fortunes from Chow Lee Tong to an unsuspecting customer dining at Good Fortune restaurant. Tong is an aged scholar who, in his youth, was tutored by Grandfather in the small Asian village of Tong’s birth. Grandfather elicits a promise from his young grandson he will help others in need when they cross his path. “Good Fortune” is the tale of this promise kept. It chronicles the struggles Tong and his pupils face in their personal lives. When two men from different cultures unknowingly become connected by Tong’s wisdom, each must learn to overcome adversity through journeys of change. One pupil is an unsuspecting American stranger who never learns Tong is his secret mentor; the other is Tong’s obstinate son. Both men must learn in order to achieve happiness one must look beyond the obvious and have faith in a stronger, unseen source.
What readers are saying:

“The author completed extensive research into Chinese tradition and culture, and juxtaposes it excellently with the immigrant experience and transition into a new world. The idea and premise of the book sends an insightful and hopeful message about our past, its impact on our present and how we develop our own Good Fortune.”

“The author intertwines the lives and struggles of people from different cultures and generations in a memorable and heart-warming tale of love and hope. I particularly enjoyed reading about the Chinese culture/traditions and found the characters to be both interesting and authentic.

“I love this book, bought randomly never expecting to enjoy its simplicity and lessons within. Good Fortune can make imagination soar and yearn for traditions that we often ignore and can be applied to our own life.

“Ms. Bratspis melds two cultures into a story which reminds us that when times are the toughest, it may be a sign that it is time to change directions and abandon the path most trod.”

“Synchronicity, life lessons, multi-cultural, patience, acceptance and much, much more ... all woven together into a masterfully told story ...

For more information about my books and to read free samples, visit my website: www.lesliebratspis.com and my Amazon author page https://www.amazon.com/Leslie-Bratspis/e/B005EJ438W/

May you have a wonderful day and be blessed with good fortune!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


I wrote two novels about service to others from different perspectives. Service is so meaningful to me it's a theme I incorporate into my novels. My third novel (in editing stage) will continue this principle.

I volunteer for two organizations and donate to Disabled American Veterans and Golden Retriever Rescue. To be able to help those in need, humans and animals, is a blessing. By serving others, we are serving ourselves. Whether it be through volunteering, teaching, or donating money to worthy causes we believe in, it's all good.

"GOOD FORTUNE" is a novel about secretly helping others without expecting thanks. Tong, a wise, aged Chinese scholar helps anyone in need when they cross his path, and guides them on a personal journey toward happiness and success. This is a lesson instilled in him by his Grandfather when Tong was a lad.

Page 86 Grandfather instructs young Tong: "At least once in his lifetime, a man of conscience finds himself in the position of being a teacher to one in need of guidance. When faced with this duty, he is obliged to respond. Always remember, you are intimately connected from the moment you realize you have met one who is in need of a teacher and it is you who holds the knowledge they seek."

Tong devotes his life to doing good deeds. As an old man, when Tong overhears a stranger, Michael Hamilton, who has come to Good Fortune restaurant despondent over losing his job. Michael sits at a table outside Tong's office. Hidden from view, Tong listens to Michael's tale of woe and writes a guiding fortune that get switched into a fortune cookie. This is the beginning of the clandestine relationship with Tong as guide, and Michael his unknowing pupil. 

"VANILLA GRASS features John Carrows, a Vietnam Vet with PTSD who becomes a hero to the town's at-risk youth by teaching them perspective, responsibility, and important life lessons. In doing this, John begins the process of emotional healing and is able to rejoin society. He eventually meets a strong, independent woman named Colleen, and falls in love. The catalyst to all these changes in John's life is twofold.

First, John finds an abused one-eyed Golden Retriever puppy abandoned by his cabin, and saves her life. He recognizes Sage is another wounded soul. They each need each other and an immediate bond is formed.

Pgs 92-93, Outside he saw a bundle of red fur curled up beside his house. “What do we have here?” He squatted down and the bundle of fur sprouted four kicking legs. John estimated the female Golden Retriever puppy was nine months old and weighed only twenty-five pounds. She growled when he touched her and he quickly withdrew his hand. Shaking his head with disgust, he got up and walked down the path to the highway where he saw fresh skid marks and tire tracks in the dirt and assumed they were from the vehicle that dumped her. “Damn people,” he muttered, “dumping a puppy like she’s garbage . . . What should I call you? You’re still a pup, but you’ve been through so much already you’re wise beyond your age. Poor baby, abused and starving. Somehow you pulled through and survived despite everything. You kind of remind me of myself." 

Second, when three teenage boys attempt to rob John at gunpoint, he is forced out of hiding. Without planning to rejoin society, the years of self imposed isolation are over.

Pg 46, John took another step closer and Brent panicked. He reached behind, pulled his gun from his waist and pointed it at John. With one swift movement, John knocked the gun from Brent’s hand, got him in a headlock and held the wrist dagger aimed at his throat. Evan was so anxious he tossed his gun on the ground while his bladder released. John took another step closer and Brent panicked. He reached behind, pulled his gun from his waist and pointed it at John. With one swift movement, John knocked the gun from Brent’s hand, got him in a headlock and held the wrist dagger aimed at his throat. Evan was so anxious he tossed his gun on the ground while his bladder released.
“Don’t you boys know better than to pull a gun on a psycho like me?” John shouted. He kicked Evan’s gun aside with his boot and gave Brent’s neck a painful squeeze.

Pg 50, John took a breath and steeled himself before he walked into the police station with a small duffel bag. He removed his dark glasses and approached the front desk. “Can I speak to the deputy on duty?”
Pg 51“Have a seat.” The sheriff indicated an empty chair and went around his desk. He deposited his hefty frame into his chair and leaned back, placed a boot on top of the desk and crossed his ankles. He folded his hands behind his neck and grinned. “You surprised the hell out of me and not too many people can say that.” 
“I’ve been surprising myself lately.”
“So tell me, John, what brought you into town?”
“These.” John lifted the duffel bag and handed it across the desk to the sheriff. “There are two loaded guns inside. I took them away from a couple of punk kids.”

Both E-books are on sale this month for $2.99. Visit Amazon to read free samples and if you like what you read, please purchase and download! Thank you.

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