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Monday, July 10, 2017


YAY! After 12 months I completed the manuscript for GOLDEN RING OF LIGHT, the sequel to my first novel, GOOD FORTUNE. I never intended writing a sequel, but I received so many requests how could I refuse?

Over the weekend I emailed the manuscript to my editor. After I clicked "send" I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and relief. While I await my editor's notes, I can finally relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather we are experiencing in the Puget Sound. Writing and editing kept me indoors a lot. I finally had time to buy some geraniums! It's the simple things that bring joy in life.

If you haven't read GOOD FORTUNE, now is the perfect time. Summer reads are a great way to spend the afternoon. (That's me at the far end of the table.) GOOD FORTUNE is available in paperback and Kindle. Soon, it will be formatted for Smashwords to download onto other e-book readers.

While writing GOLDEN RING OF LIGHT, as before, I conducted extensive research into Chinese culture and customs. This time I added some additional information regarding Hawaiian folklore and beliefs. I majored in cultural anthropology which is why I penned these two multi-cultural novels.

I'll announce when GOLDEN RING OF LIGHT is released. Stay tuned for updates. and follow these links to GOOD FORTUNE. Happy summer reading!

Wishing you good fortune and light,
Leslie Bratspis


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    1. Thank you, Michel. The information you submitted applies to my novel, "Vanilla Grass." I hope readers will use it.