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Monday, November 21, 2011


GOOD FORTUNE'S Life Lessons:
Happiness is less tied to outward goals than inner awareness.
Knowledge and wisdom aren’t synonymous.
Accept change.
Receive guidance from the unexpected.
Look beyond the obvious for answers.
Believe in miracles.
Teach and share wisdom.
Distinguish between wealth and fortune.
Listen to your inner voice.
Forgive misunderstandings.
Love completely.

Quotes From the Book of Fortunes:
“Let imbalance guide you to awareness.”
“Wise action can be learned and is the ultimate wealth.”
“The crack in your heart allows light in.”
“Feel each breath including the pauses.”
“Share your profits as well as your burdens.”
“Standing at the edge of the sea amid tall trees is a reminder of eternity.”
“Take care not to delegate to others your right to question authority.”
“All who preceded you led you to this day; live it in reverence of their struggle.”

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